Paul Atsu Agbemenya

YPARD Africa - Ghana

I continue to works with various NGOs and Private Companies in rural and urban communities to enable farmers to develop profitable and sustainable business models, access competitive markets and facilitated business network and linkages in knowledge and information managements with focus on social enterprises and youth agribusiness incubation development that lead to over 200 youths and women business in Ghana and some part of Africa countries. My work experience has exposed me to both subsistence and commercial farmers in innovative business developments, social enterprise developments, youth skills development and knowledge and information managements and development communicator.

My Professional Experience in Youth agribusiness Skills Development & Communication specialists:

With experience working with Footprints Bridge International (F-BRIDGE) is registered social enterprises limited by guarantee and focuses on building sustainable businesses as well as developing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Headquartered in Ghana, F-BRIDGE has offices in five other African countries, since 2017 as Digital innovation and communication strategist and rural Youth and women business development program lead.

I have supported the establishment and management of more than 90 Skilling centers in Agribusinesses, Agri-institutions and Secondary schools across the country. These are mandated to provide practical skills training, social enterprises developments coaching, business development, pre and post training coaching and mentorship and job placements in order to foster mindset change and ultimately youth employment within the agriculture sector.

As communication and knowledge information elected members for African Youth in Livestock, fisheries and aquaculture Incubation Network (AYL-FAIN) a projects or network under AU –IBAR with 55 member states of Africa Union (AU). While be  volunteers and member working with  of this organization like YALI Follow, Godan alumina, YPARD Ghana, AAIN, Ahaspora Mentor; Open data and farm data sharing scholar, Dels Foundation etc...

My goal is to continue develop and leverage on modern technology to aggregate, store and disseminate relevant and timely knowledge and information data useful to the development of social enterprises for rural youth and women in community developments in Africa especially in Ghana and Africa at larage.

Currently studying organizational development at Clark Atlanta University, respectful had my master’s degree in agribusiness and rural economic developments in 2019 and developments communication in 2020 in GIJ, Ghana.  Hence participants’ on other training and skills that I received certificate from CTA, FAO, AAIN and related agriculture organization