Marc Ghislain Bappa Se

AFAAS - Cameroun

Marc Ghislain Bappa Se is a Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist. He’s currently the lead consultant supporting the development of the WFDFI’s Knowledge Hub and the Cameroon Youth Initiative for Rural Development Team Technical lead that is providing support services for the development of the upcoming 2021 Africa-wide Agricultural Extension Week e-platform, organized by AFAAS.

Prior to those roles, he joined the Independent Development Evaluation Department (IDEV) of the AfDB as Knowledge Management, Communication and Events consultant. During his years of services at IDEV (2019-2021), he contributed to the production of over 20 evaluation reports, developed over 20 evaluative knowledge products, and led/supported in the organization of over 10 internal and/or widespread knowledge sharing and learning events. With more than six years of professional experience, Mr. Marc Ghislain Bappa Se also worked with other development organizations at various levels including CTA ACP-EU and FTF Africa Lead II Program.

He is member of different professional networks such as YPARD global, KM4Dev, CAMFAAS and is the Communications, Information and Knowledge Management focal person of the West and Central African Network for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services.

He holds a Master of Science in Biotechnology from the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon.