Bongani Lucky Mvubu

CCARDESA - Eswatini

• Knowledgeable in Agroforestry, Agricultural Entomology and Pest
Management, Plant Pathology and Disease Management, Weed
Science, Post-harvest Crop Protection, Seed Science, Natural Resource
Management, Soil Chemistry and Soil Fertility, Soil Science, Soil
Pedology, Soil Management, Plant Nutrition, Crop Breeding and Plant
Genetics, Plant Biotechnology, Cropping Systems in Semi-Arid Tropics,
Crop physiology in Relation to Agricultural Productivity, Extension
Education, Rural Social Change, Farm Management, Farm
Mechanization, Agricultural Economics, Statistics, Sugarcane Production
and Management, Cereals and Grain Legume Crop Production, Irrigation
Agronomy, Research Methods and Experimental Designs.
• Conducting Research and Analyzing Data using Statistical Software’s.
• Conducting laboratory analysis and reading data in the Atomic Absorption
Spectrophotometer, Jenway Flame Photometer and Biochrom
• Conducting Extension work and farm management.