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Benjamin Abugri

KM Manager at FARA, Lecturer, Facilitator

Prof. Dr. Andreas Brandner

Executive Director, K4DP

Millicent Awiti MSc

Manager at NSSF, Kenya

Dr. Sarah Cummings

Researcher at Wageningen University; Director, K4DP

Prof. Dr. Kimiz Dalkir

Professor, McGill University

Charles Dhewa MSc

CEO Knowledge Transfer Africa

Prof. Frankwell Dulle

Professor, Sokoine University

Helen Gillman MSc

Former Knowledge Management at IFAD

Dr. Paul Hector

Knowledge Society Expert at UNESCO

Petra Herout MSc

Director at Knowledge Management Austria

Ben Ilakut MSc

Knowledge Manager at ASARECA

Seza Iskenderian MSc

Director at K4DP

Bridget Kakuwa MSc

Information & Knowledge Manager at CCARDESA

Obinna Anah MSc

Knowledge Manager at AMCOW

Prof. Kingo Mchombu

Professor, International University of Management, Namibia

Richard Mugata MSc

IT Specialist at KALRO

Prof. Annet Nabatanzi Muyimba

Dean, Makerere University Business School

Andrianjafy Rasoanindrainy MSc


Erie Tamale MSc

Senior Programme Management Officer at UNEP

Prof. Eric Tsui PhD

Professor, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Michael Victor MSc

Knowledge Manager at ILRI

Toni Sittoni MSc

Knowledge Management Consultant

Mr. Zinsou Kpavode

M&E Specialist, CORAF

David Akana

Communications Manager, CORAF

Atsu Sename

Facilitator/French Rapporter