Announcing the Annual Knowledge Management for Agricultural Development (KM4AgD) Challenge and Maiden Knowledge Management Conference 2021

In collaboration with AFAAS and the SROs (CCARDESA, ASARECA & CORAF), FARA is launching the KM4AgD challenge 2021, a joint activity under the CAADP XP4 programme.

Our five organisations have jointly conceived the Challenge as an annual activity and partnering with the Knowledge for Development Partnership (K4DP). The Challenge aims to improve the capture and dissemination of knowledge in African agriculture by building the appropriate capacities, establishing communities of practice, and strengthening knowledge generation, dissemination, and use mechanisms.

The Challenge comprises collaborative activities, including training KM professionals, data collection, and demanded knowledge products.  The activities of the inaugural Challenge and KM conference will be spread over September to December 2021 as follows:

  1. September 8 – Kick-Off meeting of the 2021 Challenge – You may register in advance to participate in the Kick-Off Meeting via
  2. September 13 –November 30, 2021: 5 days of training leading to Certification in Knowledge Management and three workshops for 25 participants from at least 20 African countries to develop demanded knowledge products and strengthen the knowledge Society.
  3. December 6 – 10, 2021: The maiden Africa Agriculture Knowledge Management Hybrid Conference. The Conference aims to showcase the KM products and services of CAADP-XP and generate political support for advancing climate-smart KM for Agricultural development in Africa.

You may visit the KM4AgD site at for more details.

We also invite individuals and organisations who wish to join the Challenge (as a self-sponsored participant) or collaborate to contact us via or directly contact

Benjamin Abugri

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