Accra Declaration on the KM4AgD Agenda for Africa

 Accra Declaration on the KM4AgD Agenda for Africa

Doubling the agricultural productivity target is fundamental to the CAADP’s goals of eliminating hunger, substantial reduction on poverty, creation of wealth and jobs and improved management of the continent’s natural resources. Knowledge Management was highlighted as one of the key drivers to the achievement of the Malabo targets. This led to the development of a continental knowledge management strategy including the FARADataInformS as an observatory for Africa Agriculture.

Download full document below.

Accra Declaration _ KM4AgD Agenda _Dec2021 – Final – EN

Accra Declaration KM4AgD Agenda _Dec2021 – Final- FR



  • We encourage practitioners to embrace this as the most potent framework to increase agricultural production and productivity in Africa and beyond. congratulations to the solid team of experts from the 21 countries who spend more than 4 months putting this together. We also appreciate the Executive Directors of FARA, AFAAS, ASARECA, CCARDESA, CORAF and the K4DP for their endorsement. Together we shall “Knowledgize” Africa.

  • Nous apprécions positivement de ce que vous avez pu analyser ensemble l’an écoulé. Le partage des connaissances est plus fondamental pour un développement durable est surtout dans le domaine agricol. coup de chapeau aux organisateurs.

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